Davin Wardana

CEO, Founder & Development

This Script About Me

  • Name: Davin Wardana
  • Job: Development
  • Age: 16 Years
  • Residence: Indonesian
  • Hometown: Cikarang Utara

I'm davin wardana, can be called davin. I was the CEO and founder of davin.id. I have a love of coding and build a program. The various programming languages I have learned, and I love them. I have a mood on that thing that makes it challenging. Like a source code on the program, it makes me play with my brain. I have an interest in making the world advanced in technology, and all have an ambitious way to turn all the technology in the world into Internet of Think.

A little brief about me, I was born in Boyolali on March 6, 2004. I'll hand out the documentation and all about me in this portfolio. The key to life, I was born to live, and I live to die.

If I want to see more of my life, and my social media updates, too, can visit the web pages listed below. There I Shared about life and how I did it all.

My Production

  • Launching First Project

    Davin Media 2016

    I launched my first start up, with the name Davin Media. With social media access on it. I make out with Wordpress and Blogger.

  • Second of Project

    Zen, Public Bot 2017

    I created a chat bot with various features, on a platform called Line. I make out with a PHP and Json program.

  • Launch a huge Project

    Davin Project v1.0 2019-2020

    A platform that contains the project's files and access its features.

  • Big Update

    Davin Project v2.5 2020

    Have an update feature to purchase social media services.

  • Launch Platform

    Davin v3.0 2020

    Changing names to only Davin, and becoming a starting up and platform that has social media features and also digital money storage.

Quote from Me

I'm happy, where I make the people I love happy, and that everyone can be happy without my love.

Davin Wardana

As yourself

Make everything around you your own business. Because who can change it, he's the one who feels the advantage.

Davin Wardana

As business man

Make yourself a better Chief Executive Officer. Because your identity tells you something you've built.

Davin Wardana


Making everyone hold on to your technology, it can make the world a better place. And make it easy for them.

Davin Wardana

As founder

Never stop listening to your user complaints, they're all your greatest growing path.

Davin Wardana

As development

Everything is yours, you can turn it around and back the way you intended it to be.

Davin Wardana

As editor

My Works

Contact Me

Davin Wardana,
Cikarang, 14530

(+62) 818-0699-3369
(+62) 812-1353-9307